Oodles of Noodles – Zucchini That Is

I wrote a few blog posts back about my health plan for the spring which included checking out the diet called the Whole30. It is a thirty day eating plan that eliminates the common inflammatory causing foods: dairy, legumes, grains and sugar. The idea is that you slowly begin reintroducing these foods at the end of the month, monitoring your body’s reactions, if any.

One of the decisions I made early on was that if I was going to eliminate many of the foods that give variety to my diet, I had to find alternatives that add texture and flavour to my meals. My husband and I love to eat pasta. It is one of my quick, always delicious, meals and we eat it about once a week in the winter. Pasta is certainly out in this diet, but I thought of ways to continue having this texture in my foods. Spaghetti squash is an alternative, but I have never enjoyed this vegetable. I find it time consuming to prepare and the results never warranting the effort. That’s where my new spiralizer comes in. I got the idea from a friend visiting in the winter who mentioned they have been spiralizing their zucchini as a pasta alternative. I remember thinking at the time that zucchini was a pretty lame excuse for pasta, but desperate times call for desperate measures. A short three months after this conversation, I found myself buying a spiralizer.


The spiralizer I bought is a very simple plastic machine with three different cutting blade attachments. The machine made very quick work of the zucchini and before long I had a mound of spaghetti-like strands ready for dinner.

One of my go to pasta recipes in the winter is a no fuss shrimp curry. I decided to make it with coconut milk this time and added onions, garlic, fennel, peppers, carrots, sweet potato and a jalapeño for heat. While the curry was simmering away, I gave the zucchini pasta a quick sauté in olive oil until  almost translucent. It went at the bottom of the bowl with the curry on top. Delicious.

IMG_2589Shrimp Curry with Zucchini Pasta

The zucchini experiment was so successful I decided to move on to carrots.

IMG_2570.JPGCarrot Salad with Curry Mayo, Raisins and Sliced Almonds

Disclosure: The carrots had been in winter storage way too long and were old and tough. Spiralizing them took some effort compared to the zucchini. I will definitely try carrots again but this time will use fresh.

I am quite excited now about the possibilities potatoes hold with this new machine. I’m thinking rösti potatoes, potato chips baked in the oven, and spiral crisps.

In conclusion, I think this is a kitchen tool that I will use even after I finish my month on this eating plan. It has very simple parts and is easy to clean. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Oodles of Noodles – Zucchini That Is

  1. Buying a spiralizer has been on my to-do list for a while. Thanks for reminding me. Good luck with the W30! Even just a few diet changes can make all the difference to good health!


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