Be Careful What You Wish For…


Yes, this is me wearing my new Fitbit. And that’s not all, but more on that later.

Maybe it has been the long, cool start to spring  but it has been hard for me to get into a new, more movement centred life this year. As is my practice every month, I do a little introspection and come up with something that I feel would enhance my well being in some way. This past month I decided I needed to focus on health. I am not as flexible as I would like to be and my knees just don’t bend in the ways they used to.  I also know I need to move more, which is where the Fitbit comes in. I decided to buy it for two reasons. The first being its handy step tracker that I can set to a level that ensures I am out and moving more consistently and for longer periods. It is presently set at 10,000 steps and I haven’t managed to meet that goal yet. I am blaming it on the rain! The second reason is a bit more obscure. I like to write early in the morning and lately I have had to set an alarm in order to wake up. The alarm wakes me but also my husband who has been preferring a little more sleep. I happened to read that the Fitbit has an alarm feature that allows it to vibrate on your arm at wakeup time. Decision made.

As everyone knows, movement is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Enter the second part and probably the hardest – making sure the foods I eat also enhance my health. Some of the writers I admire and follow online have been doing this eating plan called the Whole30. I figured if I was willing to invest in a Fitbit,  I could go  one step further and check out this eating plan that was creating such a stir. I ordered the book and it arrived the other day. All I can say is that it is BIG. I was expecting something much smaller and simpler, maybe a little paperback with a few diet suggestions and some great recipes. But no. This book has 421 pages with planning plans and shopping strategies! Eek! I am presently  on page 90.


The Whole30 is not a diet but a plan to go without some of the common allergens and inflammation causing foods for one month and then reintroducing these foods slowly to see how your body reacts. Armed with this knowledge you can adjust your diet to eliminate or go more moderately with these problem foods. It all makes sense. But it is a full month’s commitment and 421 pages of planning. I am already trying to imagine a month without chocolate or wine. Wonder if these just might be some of my problem foods? (I wish I had an emoticon I could add here!)

I’ll let you know how this all works out, but in the meantime, have a glass of wine for me.


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