The Ritual of the After Dinner Walk


Here in the northeast it is dark and cold for six months of the year. Which means that at its darkest we lose the sun at about 4:00 in the afternoon. This makes for long evenings inside by the fire which is quite enjoyable in January but is crazy making as the season progresses. (Hello Netflix and the Movie Channel!)

In early spring Daylight Savings Time puts an end to the premature closing of the day.  Once again the evenings hold some promise and for me that means I can go for a walk after dinner.  On the colder, wetter spring days this requires some discipline but mostly it is just so nice to be out and moving again. The added bonus – I get to see spring arriving on our road bird by bird, tree by tree.

Our road is an unpaved, mountain road that rises steeply to open up to this at the top.


The marker where I am sitting is directly on the Canadian/American border and is where I stop to catch my breath from the steep climb and to rest in the wonder of the long distance view.  It’s a fitting end to any kind of day.

Do you have an evening walk ritual that helps bring closure to your day?

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