Out of My Comfort Zone

fullsizeoutput_300.jpegIt’s been a big week. As you might have surmised from reading my blog,  I find my inspiration and most of my peace from living a quiet, reflective life in the country. But some weeks take me out of my comfort zone and this past week was one of those. There were two issues making headlines. The first was  the #metoo campaign which grew out of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein. This was followed on its heels by Bill 62 being passed in the legislature here in Quebec which prevents women wearing the niqab or burka from receiving public services while covered. This includes riding on public transportation.


Both of these issues touched on things I value: the safety and well being of women. And I have decided that I can no longer remain neutral about things I value – not in this world, not now.

Speaking out publicly in support of these women’s issues has taken me out of my comfort zone. I have run up against disagreement and heated public discussion. I practiced civility and I have listened with the intent to understand. It is not always easy. Was it the right thing to do? Yes. Has this openness to understanding different viewpoints changed my mind on key issues? No. But it sure has opened me to the complexity of many of the problems facing society at the moment.

I am wanting to get back to the forest now, both metaphorically and physically. It is here that I rejuvenate and get clear about the next right things to do in my life. I have missed the simple ordinariness of most of my days: exercising, working, cooking good meals, reading. The ways of the world took me away for awhile and might do so again, but for now I am just content to be “home”.












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