Who Knew…..?


Who knew choosing a blog name could be so complicated? I wanted it to be something earthy and to reflect this place where I live. The word clay has always been a part of my creative life so it had been rumbling around in the field of possibilities from the beginning. I live on a road called the Claybank and a garden inspired business my husband and I ran in the 90’s was called Claybank Designs. I thought I might want to incorporate the word clay but wanted to have something else as well.

One of the really special features of this property is the clear mountain brook that runs through our backyard. It lulls me to sleep in the summer when the windows can be left open to hear all of the night sounds and is my access to the wilderness on the other side when I am feeling adventurous. There is a jewel like quality to smooth pebbles in clear water: nature’s gifts to those who take the time to sit and notice. And I am hoping that this blog will be just that, a place to sit and notice.

So Pebbles and Clay it is.







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