In Search of the Wild Garlic


Here we go into the woods in search of the wild garlic (Allium tricoccum). It is mid May and the leaves are just starting to make an appearance on the woodland trees. The forest floor hasn’t bloomed with growth yet which makes finding the wild garlic much easier.


We have two major patches of wild garlic on our land and this is the much smaller of the two located on the flood plain of the brook. I have come here today because it is closer to the house and I’ll just harvest a few. Here in Quebec the wild garlic is a protected species because of over harvesting. By law,  a person is not allowed to pick more than 50 bulbs for personal consumption.


I have brought along a harvest basket, some gardening gloves, and my trusty trowel.


The garlic bulbs are plump. It is the perfect time to be harvesting.


Now it is time for a little wash in the brook before bringing them back to house for a final wash and clean.


All ready to be eaten. How perfect is this! They  are delicious raw in salads, sautéed, grilled or added to risottos. Last year I made a wild garlic pesto that lasted us throughout the winter.