…and it was a good thing

xpKel5bnTr2K54PxaS%E7Q.jpgI was thinking the other day about morning routines – probably because mine has undergone another change. For most of the past two years my morning routine was to get up at six and do my writing before the busy-ness of the day took over. I felt I was at my reflective best just as the sun was rising

...and it was a good thing.

There were years before that when I would get up just as early,  put on my sneakers and go for a run before showering and heading off to teach school

….and it was a good thing.

I remember at other times starting my day with a yoga routine and a half hour’s meditation. I felt warm inside and out while this was part of what I did each morning

…and it was a good thing.

2yBL0i2GRuKh7ijpJRrumwThere were summers when I rose early to work in the gardens before the heat of the day made it too uncomfortable to be outside

…and it was a good thing.

For many years I wrote in a journal first thing in the morning. Three pages each day filled with dreams and ramblings

and it was a good thing

fullsizeoutput_a24.jpegSince March, I’ve been getting up early to practice calligraphy and brush lettering. It’s been exciting to learn a new skill and meet up virtually with others who are as passionate about hand lettering as I am

and it was a good thing.

These morning practices were all perfect at the time. They were how I needed to start my day.  And they changed as my life changed. Some I go back to from time to time, but mostly I try and stay open to the next best way to start my day.

How important is it to you to have a morning routine? If you have one, does your routine change with the seasons or does it stay pretty much the same? Just wondering…