The Wheel of the Year Is Turning

The beginning of August marks a turning point. The sun has shifted in the sky and sets just a bit lower and earlier than it did a short month ago. Nights have become cooler. (We have just had our first 6° and 8° celsius nights here in southern Quebec.)  The plant world has stopped exploding with new growth and has started setting fruit. 

August 1 was the beginning of Lammas in the medieval agricultural year and marked the end of haying and the beginning of the harvest season. Very exceptionally this year the haying season was delayed because of the constant rains. It is unusual to see farmers still making their first cut so late in the season. IMG_1142

I always greet the light and temperature changes with some sadness. It is hard to let go of  the headiness of those first summer days.  Maybe that’s the beauty of old celebrations centred around this time of year. It’s a reminder to move forward whether we want to or not: much better to be in step with nature rather than ignoring its pull.

Along with the sadness of a season passing is the excitement of the new one on its heels. Time to reap the rewards brought to us by the long, sultry summer days. The tables at the farmer’s market here in our village are piled high at the moment with fresh produce and local blueberries and fresh corn have made their first appearance. What’s not to love about the bounty of this latest growing season?

Our eyes may have shifted into a more forward gaze but these last warm days of summer can be the best just because they are the last.  My wish is for us all to savour August this year.

Happy August everyone!