Honey, I’m Home!

It all started off pretty routinely. My son, who is a busy professional and often works late at the office, wrote to let me know when he was arriving on the weekend. Since he was working late he couldn’t resist showing me a picture of  him slogging away at his desk. He followed up his real life picture with this:

fullsizeoutput_2b4You can see my motherly advice in the green. This was quickly followed by another picture:



Hilarious, but how was he doing this? It turns out to be a Bitmoji avatar and you can have one too. I just created my own which, by the way, my husband does not find at all amusing. Here I am: 4B44ADFF-6DC3-4D59-A707-A131E7233A72.full

I could have added a lot more wrinkles which might have made it look more realistic but, quite frankly, I thought they just made me look angry.  

I don’t quite understand my husband’s less than receptive attitude about this unless, of course, it has something to do with how I am replying to his text messages now.